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How can I associate my bank account with iPay?
Accounts of financial institutions connected to LankaClear JustPay network- can be linked to iPay. The list of the financial institutions connected to the network is given below. LOLC Finance PLC, Bank Of Ceylon, Nations Trust Bank, Cargills Bank, Sampath Bank, LB Finance PLC, DFCC Vardhana Bank, National Savings Bank, Pan Asia Bank LTD, Sanasa Development, Commercial Bank PLC, Union Bank of Colombo PLC, Hatton National Bank, National Development Bank, Seylan Bank LTD, Amana Bank PLC, People’s Bank, HDFC Bank, People’s Leasing. Dialog Finance, LOLC Development Finance, Richard Pieris Finance and regional Development Bank
Where can I use iPay?
You can use iPay anywhere, anytime 24x7 and at all QR merchant points.
Do you need a bank account for iPay?
To make payments, the iPay user account must be linked to the user’s bank account.
How do I make payments and fund transfers on iPay?
Users can make payments for any iPay service by simply selecting the preferred associated bank account. For fund transfers, simply select the associated bank account to debit and select the bank from the drop down and type in the relevant account details to transfer.

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